Mauritius Number 1

Oil on Canvas.


151.7cm x 122cm







 Artist Statement.


I am an expressive landscape painter with emphasis on light and tone, working in oils on large and small canvasses and exploring different painting techniques. I like painting a dark ground surface colour first then adding a colour directly on top to create spontaneous results. Painting a dark ground surface colour enables capture of light, tone and shadows process.

To make my paintings expressive and atmospheric I use a variety of materials including cloths and Kitchen rolls. I am especially interested in the changes in light at the beginning and end of the day. To capture this my sketchbook and camera are vital tools and I use these contemporaneous images to inform my oils. Other painters who had light as a prime influence such as John Virtue, Peter Doig, Anselm Kiefer, J.M.W Turner and John Constable have influenced me. Watercolour painting is an important part of my practice. The colours used in the watercolour sketches are true and honest. Capturing the same experience in oils back in the studio is harder than it is in watercolours. The studio shuts you away from the landscape making it more challenging. My studio practice has consisted of a number of exhibitions since graduating at UCA with an MA and BA in Fine Art. Exhibited in solo and group exhibitions, whilst managing a day job


Bridge, (Smaller Version of the big Bridge).  

Oil on Canvas.